Vision For Giving 2015

Vision For Giving 2015

An update on our event!

Thank you to every one who brought in some food.  We collected over 125 items to donate to the food pantry, just in time for Thanksgiving!


Grab some canned food and swing by the first two weeks in February!

It’s our first annual Vision For Giving Event! Bring in some canned food, to benefit Blacksburg Interfaith Food Pantry.


Bring in canned food and you can get $50 off a complete pair of glasses*!

Bring in another can and you can also get 50% off a pair of lenses for a second pair, OR you can give that discount to a family member!

Take advantage and get that second pair you’ve been wanting – whether it’s for the computer, shooting, or a new pair of prescription sunglasses – and get the lenses for 50% off!  Want a third pair? Get 50% off the lenses for that pair, too!

Don’t need a pair of glasses?  Still come by!  Please stop by to say hello, and drop off some canned goods to help a good cause!  (It’ll help keep you off of Santa’s naughty list!)


*Discount off of retail price. Buy one complete pair of glasses and give/get 50% off lenses for another pair. Includes all premium lenses like Transitions – Polarized –
Non-Glare – Digital Progessives – and more! Cannot be combined with other offers or insurance discount.  Discount applied to product with the same or lower value.
Some restrictions may apply. See store associate for details.
Offer ends 11/14/2015

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