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Fall Sunglasses Event

fall sunglasses eventPlease come and join us for our Fall Sunglasses Event! For a limited time only, enjoy discounts on some of our most popular sunglasses! Up...

Earth Day 2016

For the next five weeks, Blacksburg Eye Associates is going green!

Help us plant some trees, and look fabulous while doing it!

earth-day Earth Day is Friday April 22, 2016, and...

Vision For Giving 2015

An update on our event!

Thank you to every one who brought in some food.  We collected over 125 items to donate to the food pantry, just in time for Thanksgiving! visionforgiving

Animal Eyes – Chameleons

Do Chameleon Eyes Work Together or Separately?

You already know that chameleons can change color to match their environment. But they have another weird skill — they can point each eye in a different direction, independently....