Safety Glasses

The safety eyewear your employees deserve.

Are your employees happy with their choices and the services provided?

safetyBlacksburg Eye has adopted a new approach in providing personalized and professional attention to providing safety eyewear to businesses in the New River Valley. Since our opening in 2009 we have focused on the fine details. How can we provide better care? How can we provide better service? What can we do better? How can we help our patients and customers better?

We have taken this approach to an all-too-often overlooked area by many–safety eyewear. We have taken our commitment to best-in-class eye care and eyewear, and designed a program for providing safety eye wear to businesses in the New River Valley. Best of all, we’ve done this with simplicity in mind–with little effort from employers and companies.

Most companies send the patients to a company-account safety eye wear provider. This provider typically provides a fairly standard service for a fairly standard fee. Your employee shows up with his or her prescription and they pick from a box of six or eight safety frames. They go back in a few weeks to pick up the glasses, or have them mailed directly to the office. The other way many businesses get their safety eye wear is from online dealers. The employer enters the information on a form online, and a few weeks later something shows up in the mail.

So What’s missing?

Individualized services and attention to detail.

At Blacksburg Eye, our safety program comes to you. Our highly trained and professional optical staff, with over 30 years combined experience, will come out to your office. We will bring our safety frames–and not just six or eight...but over 50 options. All of our frames and lenses are ANSI Z87.1 certified, and available with permanent side-shields. We can take orders, measurements, and even payments right there, on-site, for maximum convenience. We will then call the employees when their products are ready, for them to pick up at their convenience. If your employee can’t get away to come pick them up, don't worry; we can even arrange delivery/dispensing at your site–we’ll come back with a smile!

All of this adds up to a much better experience for the employer and the employee. The employee gets to pick from more options, and have more of a choice in something as important as their eyeglasses. They can do this from the convenience of the staff lunch room, conference room, or where ever you think best. Since Blacksburg Eye is willing to travel, on both ends, this not only eliminates apprehension and delays of the employees traveling some place new, it also eliminates time away from work.

We have been using this ‘traveling optician’ model locally with great success, and have had nothing but a positive experience. We love getting out of the office and having a chance to meet some of the local employees and employers, and giving them a chance to try something new–personalized, high quality eye care and eyewear with a personal touch. We hold our safety eyewear to the same standards we do all of our products–and we stand by our commitment to second-to-none service.

If you would like more information about having Blacksburg Eye provide safety eye wear, exams, or both, please get in touch with us. We offer contracted discount rates that could save your company up to 55% off of our usual and customary (U&C) fees.

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