What To Expect

We strive to make your trip to the eye doctor as comfortable and convenient as possible. This starts by making our forms available on line. To save time you can print these out, fill them out ahead of time, and either bring them in with you or email them to us here.

Our staff is always here to welcome you with a smile. Please help us out by providing us with your completed paperwork, your most recent insurance cards (medical and vision), and a photo ID. Don’t have your paperwork already filled out? Shame on you! But that’s ok, we’ve got you covered, we’ll happily hand you a clipboard and ask you to fill them out in office. Yes, we need them all filled out—we are a doctor’s office providing health care, and it is absolutely necessary to ask these questions. If the answer is no (or doesn’t apply), please write / circle no or write a dash or n/a. Don't leave any blank.

After getting a chance to get your information put into our computer system, one of our great staff will bring you back and get the pre-testing started. It begins with some simple automated equipment meant to get an idea of your prescription, a measurement of your intraocular pressure - don't worry, we use a newer technology than the dreaded 'puff'!, and a screening of your peripheral vision. This is also when we perform the digital fundus photography, and yes, the doctor does recommend this every year for every patient, even children (old enough to sit still for a moment, that is!). It’s not covered by many insurances, so there is an extra fee, but it really is the highest level of care, and quickly becoming the standard of care. Think of it like getting a dental x-ray before your routine cleaning—necessary? No. But highly highly recommended.

The technician will then take you in to an exam room and get you ready to see the doctor by checking your vision, reviewing your chief complaints / any problems you may be having, and getting the instruments and computer ready.

Dr. Dovie or Dr. Mitchell will greet you with a smile, address you by your first name, and invite you to do the same with them. We’ll review any old and new problems, take the utmost care to detect any ocular health and vision issues, and get you the best options to correct them. This may include a discussion about contact lens brands and materials, and possibly changing them for you if there is something better suited for your ocular health and/or lifestyle. We’ll discuss vision correction options including glasses, sunglasses, and corrective surgeries like LASIK.
Dr. Dovie, Dr. Mitchell, and the staff at Blacksburg Eye Associates are committed to practicing care at the highest level. This is why Dr. Dovie went through additional (optional) residency training and earning his Fellowship in the American Academy of Optometry. To provide the highest level of care, our doctors need to dilate your pupils to ensure ocular health—not just ocular function (glasses/contact lens prescription check).

Dilating the pupil Is one of life's necessary evils and inconveniences, but we require it of our patients to get a comprehensive eye exam and therefore a valid prescription. If you cannot be dilated because of your schedule please make an appointment time that better suits your needs. The majority of patients only notice an increased sensitivity to light and a little more difficulty reading up close for a few hours. The action of the drops are a temporary inconvenience, but necessary for us to ensure that you will keep your eyes healthy for many years to come.

Our optical has over 1,200 frames including everything from rec-specs, safety prescription sunwear for children and adults, and numerous lines to fit any budget (link to optical). Our expert optical staff and stylists will work with you to meet your lifestyle and vision needs. We strive for excellence and only use products we can stand behind 100%. Included is our expert opinion, devoted customer service and commitment to satisfaction.

Lose a nose pad? Lose or stripped a screw? Bent your frames? Don’t fret. Bring them by and let us take a look. We’re happy to do a free tune-up on your glasses any time!

We have an expert and experienced billing staff that will work with you to get the most out of your benefits—be it getting the best value (glasses versus contact lenses) or filing some of your testing towards your medical deductible. Ultimately it is your responsibility to have your balance PAID in full and to know your insurance, but we understand this can be daunting. We will help you better understand your insurance if you have any questions.