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Vision Performance Screening Explained | Patient FAQs

How you work to achieve certain things has so much to do with your vision. However, many people do have problems with seeing something, thinking about it, and then reacting. These issues can cause delays in everything from fine motor tasks to Simply reading. If you suspect that you have an issue with visual performance, vision performance screenings can help. Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about vision performance screening.

What is vision performance screening?

Visual performance grading is a type of test performed by an optometrist who is skilled with visual development and rehabilitation. During the screening, multiple measurements will be taken to determine things like how your eyes truck and team together, how your eyes and brain work together, and even your reading comprehension.

Why is vision performance so important?

Vision performance affects a lot of ordinary tasks most people do every day. If you are driving, playing basketball, or working on an assembly line at work, visual performance is affecting how well you do these tasks. Even though there are certain conditions that can cause delays in visual performance, many people can actually get help from an optometrist to build the neural skills that are associated with how the brain and eyes connect.

Is vision performance training good for adults and children?

Vision performance training can be beneficial for both children and adults, even though it is commonly assumed the training is only for children. It is more common for younger patients to need this form of eye training due to slight developmental delays, but adults can benefit from the training just the same. For instance, if an adult has a difficult time reading and retaining information, it can be extremely beneficial to undergo a vision performance test to find out if there is an issue and then undergo training to help.

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Even though it is commonly neglected as an important thing, vision performance has a lot to do with everything from how you do your job to how you perform. If you would like more information about vision performance training, reach out to us at Vision Plus Development & Rehab.