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InflammaDry Testing

InflamaDry Testing ThumbnailInflammaDry enables our eye doctors to identify & discover the root cause of dryness. While other optometric practices might rely on rule of thumbs or trial and error, our optometrists can remove the guesswork and get to an immediate, accurate prescription to treat dry eye syndrome. Just because a patient may show signs of a common inflammation, the variety of causes makes treatment a challenge

InflammaDry is the first and only, rapid result, in-office test that detects elevated levels of MMP-9, an inflammatory marker that is consistently elevated in the tears of patients with dry eye disease. All other dry eye tests measure tear production and stability. Using a simple 4-step process, InflammaDry recognizes elevated levels of MMP-9, to identify patients that may otherwise be missed with other dry eye testing methods.

The InflammaDry test results are achieved in just 10 minutes, aiding in the diagnosis of dry eye before the patient leaves the office.

Based on the results of an InflammaDry, test our optometrists can then provide you with either the right medication, artificial tears, nutritional supplements, face wash with mask & scrub, or even punctal plugs.