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MiBo Thermoflo

MiBo Thermoflo ThumbnailThe MiBo Thermoflo is a therapeutic medical device providing a safe and effective alternative therapy for dry eyes. It uses a proprietary thermoelectric heat pump to help maximize liquefaction of meibum, thus improving preservation and function of the evaporative component of the tear film.

The MiBo Thermoflo supplies continuous controlled heat that is applied to the outer skin of the eyelids along with ultrasound gel for a gentle massage. The heat is absorbed deep into the tissue and breaks down the hardened lipids in the meibomian glands.

With a specifically prescribed therapy regimen, the ducts of the meibomian glands will secrete thinner and clearer lipids which will allow for a healthier tear film.

For best results, it is recommended doing three treatments two weeks apart. After evaluating the patients after the cycle of treatments, it may be determined that they require a fourth treatment. Most patients may go twelve months before requiring additional treatments, but some request frequent treatments for their comfort, due to daily eyestrain.