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It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Dovie and the staff at Blacksburg Eye Associates for the past 6 months. School was extremely challenging for my son and we were desperate for ways to help him. My husband and I decided to have him tested by an Educational Psychologist and she recommended additional testing by an eye doctor in order to rule out any problems with vision and tracking.   My son went through vision testing with Dr. Dovie 6 months ago and we decided that he was a good candidate for vision therapy.  He recently completed 12 sessions of vision therapy in addition to vision homework and has been very successful.  His performance in school has improved significantly. We have noticed increased attention at school, improved handwriting, and a significant improvement in his grades.  It is amazing how much more energy our son has after school!  We are so grateful for the individual attention and care, our family received during our son's vision testing and therapy.

- Hudson