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Home » Vision Therapy » Vision Therapy Review – I cannot recommend Dr. Dovie and his team enough!

For as long as I can remember, I had concerns about my son’s vision.  As a preschooler, he frequently hesitated when stepping off curbs and steps.  He always suffered from headaches but they worsened once kindergarten started.  In second grade, we began noticing that he was resistant to reading on his own and out loud (though he loved being read to).  When he did read to us, he often lost his place and skipped words.  We brought him in for a vision assessment with Dr. Dovie.  He discovered that our son’s eyes worked well on their own, but struggled to work as a team.  He recommended vision therapy services.  The progress made during those 12 weeks of therapy is astounding!  Our son jumped 5 reading levels from the end of second grade to the start of third grade!  He loves to read now and will often read 2-3 chapter books a week.  He also scored 3 soccer goals this past season…. Something that has never happened.  I cannot recommend Dr. Dovie and his team enough!

- Dominic