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Vision Therapy Testimonial

It all started with our daughter falling behind in school, having headaches after short reading sessions, and her lack of confidence in reading aloud. Her teachers felt something was going on with her vision, and recommend we get it checked out. As you can imagine, we feared the worst, and were deeply concerned. We met with Dr. Dovie and his amazing staff and they eased our fears and concerns and explained the process. It was like a weight had been lifted and we were encouraged as to the possibilities of our daughter's sight getting back to normal. We gained an understanding of the treatment plan along with the expectations of our daughter's ability to regain her reading ability and her confidence. The exercises and vision therapy that our daughter performed at home along with the periodic visits with Dr. Dovie enabled her to get back to normal, and for that we are grateful. Will never forget her final examination and completion of the therapy which allowed her to get back to reading without headaches and improve in school.


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- Robert & Dorcas P