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Good Vision is Not Just 20/20


Vision development, also known as optometric vision therapy, is a series of individualized therapeutic activities for training the eyes and visual system. This strengthens neural pathways to help you function more efficiently and comfortably, to ensure good binocular vision and enhance visual perception.


Sports vision training can help athletes of every level improve how they perform during competition. Eye-hand coordination, reaction time, depth perception, eye tracking, and more can be enhanced through proper guided training.


As much as 50 percent of your brain is involved in the visual process. Upwards of 69% of adolescents have visual or visual perceptual symptoms after experiencing a TBI. Our team is dedicated to finding deficits and getting you on the road to recovery.

Amblyopia and
Lazy Eye

Therapy works well to help improve how the “weak” eye can see, all while teaching the two eyes to team together. Go beyond patching and eyedrops.

Strabismus, Crossed Eyes, and More

Very commonly, misaligned eyes can be helped without needing eye muscle surgery. Explore every opportunity before resorting to surgical intervention. We can help review your options.

Visual Perceptual

How your brain interprets visual information, sorts it, stores it, integrates it, and retrieves it, are all are important in the visual process. Get it tested.

Career Performance Enhancement

By learning to improve vision and visual perceptual skills, adults can see improvements in performance on things like standardized testing (SAT, MCAT), where even just a few points can make a difference.

Experienced, Compassionate, & Dedicated

Everyone was professional and friendly. Moved me along quickly with very little waiting. The doctor I met was personable and patient. Will be continuing my care there for years to come.
- Christopher A.

When you’re looking to improve your vision and visual potential, Vision Plus Development and Rehab, located in Blacksburg, is The New River Valley’s only dedicated office for optometric vision therapy, visual neurorehabilitation, sports vision development, and concussion rehabilitation. We have two optometric physicians, Dr. John Dovie, and Dr. Adrianna Hempelmann, with over a decade of specialized training and experience under their belt to craft you an individualized vision development and rehab plan to help get your visual performance where you want it. We see patients of all ages for many issues, including amblyopia, strabismus, binocular vision dysfunctions, convergence insufficiency (CI), concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI), and sports vision enhancement.



At Blacksburg’s Vision+ Development and Rehab our team will listen to your individual needs and use a decade of combined experience to create a program to help develop vision and visual skills to the level you need. This may be better eye tracking and focusing to help your child read better, quicker visual processing and reaction time for driving, or better depth perception and eye-hand coordination to increase your batting average. We’re here to fully understand your needs and work to meet or exceed them!