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As you move through school and your professional career, the demands on your visual system will continue to increase. Visual information processing, visual perceptual, and visual efficiency skills will increasingly help determine your success. Trying to absorb and integrate new information quickly and efficiently is critical to success in the SEE – THINK – REACT chain of performance. Enhancement and habilitation are not about fixing things that are broken, like rehabilitation from a concussion. These therapy programs offer training to optimize the skill set that you already have – identify areas for improvement and make a plan for you to elevate your performance.

In Blacksburg, the optometrists at Vision+ Performance and Rehab will develop a program to improve the visual skillset and abilities for patients of any age. After a careful vision performance evaluation, we will custom design a therapy plan to help you read faster, and retain more, which can help reading comprehension. By improving and integrating your visual perceptual skills you will more easily visualize what’s on the page, allowing you to retain more and increase reading comprehension.

Our goal is to train you to read and learn more efficiently, with improved comfort, stamina, and retention. Optometric vision training has been used to help improve performance on standardized tests like SOL, ACT, SAT, and more.

Our optometrists and vision development and rehab team can help you realize your visual performance potential with an individualized vision development program. This has the potential to impact performance and enjoyment of school, work, and personal life. Being able to visualize what you’re reading, and “see the pictures” in your head, helps take the feeling of “work” out of reading and can unlock another level of performance.

Vision+ Performance and Rehab offers a complementary vision performance screening – contact us to schedule one today!