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If you or a loved one is experiencing conditions such as losing place when you read, trouble with eye-hand coordination, eye fatigue, double vision, amblyopia, or lazy eyes, it’s possible that you may benefit from vision development and rehab therapy at Vision+ Performance and Rehab. It’s important to keep in mind that optometric vision therapy programs are not a substitute for corrective glasses or contact lenses, although in some cases, the need for bifocals in children and prisms in glasses can be reduced or eliminated.

There are many visual and ocular skills that contribute to clear, comfortable, functional vision. Vision screenings, and even routine eye exams with your optometrist or ophthalmologist can’t include all of these measurements because of limitations on time, schedule, and lack of expertise.

We have partnered with our sister office, Blacksburg Eye Associates, to perform complete binocular vision assessments. After you’ve had a comprehensive eye examination (at your current eye doctor’s office or at Blacksburg Eye Associates), we can schedule you for a complete binocular vision assessment (BVA). Blacksburg optometrists, Dr. John Dovie or Dr. Adrianna Hempelmann, will perform numerous tests outside the scope of a typical eye exam that will help determine the state of your visual system including individual eye movements, eye teaming, smooth eye tracking, depth perception, fusion, ability to focus at near, and more.

This, when combined with results from your visual information processing (VIP) exam and your RightEye testing analysis, will allow our Blacksburg optometrists to develop a customized treatment plan targeted to address your specific needs.

Contact us to schedule your complete binocular vision assessment (BVA) with Blacksburg Eye Associates. We’ll see how we can address your problems with vision development and rehabilitation.