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Each one of us is a visual athlete. Whether it’s driving at night, sorting a coin collection, target shooting, or playing collegiate volleyball, we all have specific demands on the visual system that push us outside of casual focusing and coordination.

At Vision+ Performance and Rehab, sports vision training is all about finding strengths and weaknesses in the visual system which are far outside of the typical 20/20 measurements, and optimizing them for your activity, or “sport.” These include depth perception, reaction time, multiple object tracking, perception span, and more.

At Vision+ we will evaluate many areas of vision that are critical to elite performance. By utilizing the Senaptec Sensory Station, our team sets itself apart in dedication to helping you achieve your sports vision goals.

The Sensory Station is a sensory evaluation and training device that measures 10 visual and sensorimotor skills.

senaptec reports

Visual Clarity: How clearly you see distant details.

Contrast Sensitivity: How accurately you judge differences in contrast.

Depth Perception: How accurately you judge depth information at distance.

Near Far Quickness: How quickly you change attention between distances.

Perception Span: How quickly you visually acquire critical information.

Reaction Time: How quickly your hand reacts to a visual signal.

Multiple Object Tracking: How accurately you track objects moving in space with distractions.

Target Capture: How rapidly you visually shift and recognize a peripheral target.

Eye Hand Coordination: How quickly your hand responds to changing targets.

Go No Go: How quickly and accurately you make decisions and react in pressure situations.

Dr. Dovie and Dr. Hempelmann will then use the personized Sensory Performance Report (example / image) and powerful cloud analytics to help define areas that may need improvement when compared to your target group. For example, the contrast sensitivity and depth perception needs for a NCAA Division 1 collegiate shortstop is different than that of a high school volleyball setter, and we would adjust your goals and treatment plan accordingly.

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