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See, Think, React. It’s how you work in our world. Do you suspect you may have a problem doing so?

At Vision+ Performance and Rehab, we provide complimentary Vision Performance Screenings*, by appointment only. These tests include measurements of eye tracking, eye targeting and more, to reveal how hard your eyes and visual system may be working to complete a task. Good vision is much more than just 20/20, and many people with brand new glasses and "clear" vision can still struggle with daily tasks in the classroom or on the job.
*This is not a "Sports Vision Evaluation" which is a more lengthy evaluation focused (pun intended!) on high-level visual and sensorimotor performance.

If you are unsure whether you should schedule a Vision Performance Screening, please review our symptom checklist, or contact us for more information.

At Vision+ in Blacksurg we have invested in numerous state-of-the-art pieces of technology, one of which, is the RightEye.  The benefit of these RightEye evaluations is that they deliver objective, real-time measurements of what the eyes are doing, both individually, and as a team.  It then compares your performance and scores to a large, age-appropriate, database, to give an idea of how you are doing. This can help us identify strengths and weaknesses in the visual system, so if therapy is appropriate, it can be customized, intentional, and targeted.

Seeing the Reading EyeQ report and watching your eyes move in real-time as they travel across the paragraph is very powerful. Seeing how many times words are skipped, then lines repeated, can be very validating, and sometimes emotional.  Many patients (and families) have expressed relief seeing evidence of something that they’ve known (or suspected) was present – something to help explain why someone who may see 20/20 is struggling with performance, frustration, and difficulty with attention.

The RightEye EyeQ programs we offer as screenings are:

RightEye Reading EyeQ

RightEye Brain Health EyeQ

RightEye Brain Health EyeQ

RightEye Sports EyeQ

If problems are discovered at the screening, we suggest a thorough visual perceptual (visual information processing, or VIP) and binocular visual assessment (BVA). After fully evaluating your symptoms and how you perform on the VIP and BVA tests, we will determine if vision development and rehab therapy can help addresses your specific visual skills deficiencies.